VT Forwarding

Alexander vasiliev

general director of "Vt Forwarding"

"Our aim - is not solving problems, but preventing their appearnce."

Our mission is to provide the client the whole «door to door» service, by performing this process more comfortable and more advantageous for the client. Cargo forwarding. Cargo transportation by sea, railway and automobile transport. «VT Forwarding» is a member of «BELSU Group» companies and its main direction — freight forwarding with the delivery from «door to door». «belsu» company started its business in September, 2000, as a husbanding agent and during 15 years of operating it showed itself like a reliable partner. at present, «belsu Group» company consists of several companies, which are operating through the following kinds of activity: ship's and cargo's agency service, chartering of ships, ship's commercial AGENT SERVICE, FREIGHT FORWARDING, WHICH CAN OFFER THE WHOLE «DOOR TO DOOR» SERVICE. The main sphere of «VT Forwarding» company is freight forwarding in vladivostok and vostochny sea ports.

There are competent specialists with high education and experienced employees working in our company. we are ready to offer you service for contaner's delivery execution from terminals in vladi vostok and vostochny sea ports. we can suggest you high-performance service in motor transportation of your cargo  from terminal to your place. Our company follows up all the movement of your cargo and does its utmost to minimize expenses and clients time since the cargo arriving on the terminal.

Our company can offer you railway service to other regions. also we want to pay your attention that «belsu group» of companies is a representative of big shipping company «Sinokor Merchant Marine» and it has an opportunity to use containers of this carrier for railway deliveries with displaying drop-off

The main advantage is reliability and responsiveness. we will deliver your cargo in any region of russian federation in the shortest time and provide the whole package of service over import and export execution and certification by optimizing all the expenses and minimizing all possible risks.

During more than 15 years of a successful operating «BELSU Group» of companies ESTABLISHED COOPERATION WITH MANY BUSINESS PARTNERS AS WELL AS AMONG THE CARGO OWNERS, SHIP-OWNERS AND ALSO WELL-KNOWN HOUSE BROKER COMPANIES WHICH GIVES US NOWADAYS AN OPPORTUNITY TO CONCLUDE AGREEMENTS ON CARRIAGE IN THE SHORTEST TIME. STILL, THE MAIN aim of «BELSU Group» of companies chartering department is prompt and competent conclusion of the transaction between cargo owner and ship-owner, which allows avoiding problems during carriage. we monitor the whole process from the request receiving till the actual vessels discharging and executing all the financial obligations between corresponding parties. We are considered to be an exclusive house broker for many large companies and have an opportunity to make a single contract or it can be a long-lasting cooperation. Our partners are: STX Pan Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd., KMTC, SINOKOR, Sunwoo Merchant Marines Co. Ltd., Korea Line Corp., Seyang Shipping, SW Shipping Co. Ltd., Chilsan Shipping Ltd., Winland Shipping Co. Ltd., FUSCO, COSCO, Evrazholding, Glencore company, NLMC, Daltranzitscrap, Primorvtors, Proxima Company, Smena Trading, RFA (Russian Ferro Alloys) and so on. We are an experienced company in cargo shipments by sea. our company fixes about 20 vessels for steel scrap shipments from russia and Japan to Korean and Chinese sea ports, steel production shipments from russia to Southeastern Asia as well as from China to Korea and Russia, coal and coke shipments from China to Korea, sawn logs shipments from Russia to China, japan and Korea, fertilizer and wood pulp shipments from russia to Southeastern Asia, general cargo shipments from Korea to Russia in average every month. 

The main advantage of «BELSU Group» is that we have subagents in the sea ports of the far East and also we have agency service in foreign sea ports of Southeastern Asia which makes it possible to minimize lay time of vessel in the loading and discharging sea ports. Our company can perform both as a house broker company and a qualified ship's operator (cargo search, skillful economic vessel operation).

Please visit our website www.vtforward.ru