Belsu Shipping

anatoliy gubin

general director of "Belsu shipping"

«Belsu Shipping» Company started it's business as a husbanding agent in September, 2000, and during 15 years of it's constant operating it showed itself like a reliable partner, qualified and responsible agent.

Nowadays, «Belsu Shipping» company is considered to be one of the leasing agencies in the far eastern region, providing qualified service and firsthand information. «Belsu Shipping» company's offices are located in vladivostok, Nakhodka, Vostochny and Zarubino downtowns and are being the main aspect of a successful business. «Belsu Shipping» company has its subagents in sakhalin, vanino, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski At present, «Belsu Group» of companies consists of several companies, which are operating through the following kind of activity: ship's and cargo's agency service, chartering of motor vessels, ship's comercial agemt service, freight forwarding, which can offer the whole  «door to door» service. The main sphere of «Belsu Shipping» company is ship's agency service, in particular, service which provides as agent for arriving motor vessels under instructions. The main services are:

~ to carry out all the formal requirements, which are under law or sea port administration's instructions for arrived motor vessels, including tax, fine, custom's and sea port's settlements.
~ to provide maintenance for motor vessels by organizing repairing works, fuel, water and provisions supply
~ to handle control under cargo operations, receipt and delivery of goods
~ to supply motor vessels with berthing, towboats and pilots
~ to arrange all the necessary documentation for cargo operations
~ to carry out captain's instructions concerning crew's serving in the sea port
«Belsu Shipping» company will provide the
most highly leveled service as well as will give all necessary information and contacts in this area.


~ The company started its activity in 2000 years. the first vessel which was under our husbanding agency service (we started up with the ship's agency service from the very beginning) was «Lion Glory». The vessel arrived for loading 20 000 tons of metal on the 19-th of September in 2000 year in sea port Nakhodka. The vessel was under Sunwoo Merchant Marine shipping company ownership. She was under our agency service, the boarding agent of the vessel was Dorogan Uriy Vasilievich — at that time he was an agent, nowadays he is director of  NCSP (Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port). This was the start of our long-lasting business. Each vessel has its ordinal number and in September 2010 we are getting on with the 5000-th motor vessel. It means that around five hundred of vessels are being under our ship's agency service every year. The principal office is located in the vladivostok city. The top manager of this office is Maksim Dolgopolov. We have also offices as well as in sea port Nakhodka, where Sergey kirischuk very experienced specialist, is director and in vostochny, under sergey kirischuk leading who is working there from its very foundation.
~ Besides sea ports Nakhodka, Vostochny and Vladivostok, the company has wide agency service net, which operates at different sea ports of primorsky region and is called subagenting. we are running through almost all sea ports over the far east, including Vanino, and Sakhalin sea ports, it used to be we had vessels under opur agency service in Magadan, in Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy — not so many, but still, we made much service out. We are doing up in Sakhalin; there our operation is connected mostly with summer

navigation. Nowadays, the company is considered to be a leader in ship's agency service in the far east.
~ how to become an agent?
Often, our foreign principals ask us for the information about the sea ports when they plan their vessel arrive. they got used to work with our company, they like the way we do our work. and even when they are going to call another one sea port, they also ask our company to give the information about the one port. as a result we are considering to be a representative of a ship-owner and he gets the information from us what we is going around the sea port. it can be so, that the vessel arrives, but the cargo is still not ready, it will be prepared only in a week, and the idling of vessel carries big expenses. Also, there can be a situation when there is no place for stowing the cargo, by reason of consignee's unreadiness to receive it. By the way, the agent is appeared to be a guarantor of port charges.

-The whole shipping business is very changeable, it can go up, while this, the freight charges are increasing, the volume shipments is rising up; and it can go up, while this, the freight charges and decreasing, the volume of shipments go down. in this field, as in any other strong competition is continuing all the time and it turned out that after ussr disintegration big volumes of metal started exporting, the leading positions were taken but foreign companies, particularly korean companies, such as stx Pan Ocean, Korea Line Corporation, Sunwoo Merchant Marine and others, From time to time other company comes up as a leader, time passes and the leader changes.