Belsu logistics

Vladimir vasilev

general director of "Belsu logistics"

The company was founded on 28-th of February in 2005. «BELSU Logistic» company is a general agent and representative of south korean container line kmtc (korean Marine Transport Co., Ltd] in sea ports of Russian Federation. Cooperation with kmtc — is an indication of stability of the company, high agency service, qualitative and operative handling of vessels and cargo. at present, «belsu logistic» company is one of the dynamic developing agency companies in the far east. the company reveals the main principles of today's business running — an individual approach to each client. we are always doing our best in settling trustful relationships with the client. each person, who turned to our service becomes our partner and friend, requests of whom will never be aside of our company's attention. we follow up all the standards of professional ethics in business relationships with our clients.

With our constant clients, our company stands by flexible financial policy, uses system of special offers, carries out free consulting on any questions. we sign exclusive agreements with our constant clients. we are ready to offer our clients individual schemes how their cargo can be delivered to the final consignee by applying the whole finan cial basis. ach manager of our company tries his best so that your order would be realized fully in minimal time.

Our company is called «BELSU Logistic». WE ARE GENERAL REPRESENTATIVES OF KOREAN CONTAINER LINE KMTC. WE REPRESENT THEIR INTERESTS IN RUSSIA — SEA PORTS VLADIVOSTOK AND VOSTOCHNY. KOREAN COMPANY KMTC IS OUR PRINCIPAL — IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST COMPANY IN KOREA RATING BY THE VOLUME OF TRANSPORTATION, IT HAS IT'S OWN FLEET, ALSO IT HAS LEASING FLEET AND A BIG OWN CONTAINER PARK. KMTC OPERATES OVER THE SOUTH EASTERN ASIA. THE BIGGEST REPRESENTATIVE POINT IS IN JAPAN, THERE ARE PLANS FOR THE LARGER DEVELOPING то the Western parts. The most faraway point is Arabian Emirates. We receive the containers and release them to the consignee. we follow up that all the freight charges were collected accordingly, we control that the containers were returned back, after this we deliver these containers as an empty units back to Korea or look for an export delivery.  The client comes to us and asks how he can deliver the cargo to singapore. we contact our head office in korea, ask the cost of transportation, the terms of such delivery and all the received information we give to the client, he might agree or not. If he agrees we provide him with the container and deliver the cargo in Singapore. We also give all the information regarding this transportation to our agents in Singapore, they get in touch with the consignee, inform him about the cargo arrival and collect all the freight charges from him. They also follow up the container returning back. there comes some kind of reversible relation — from one side to another.

Which tariffs and to whom — that is tariff policy. particular terms of transportation to each client — is an individual approach. the client has applied to our company's service; we have estimated his strong and weak sides, his expected volumes. if there is a transportation of 20 containers, that means that this is a quite big client and we can decrease the freight cost for him and create some acceptable terms. if it is one container, this is also very important, as today this client needs to deliver only one, but tomorrow the amount might be increased up to 20. THE REPUTATION OF A RELIABLE PARTNER IS VERY SIGNIFICANT FOR US.


   O/F tariff does not include:

  1. Empty container release charge - 25 USD

  2. AFS for CN and JP ports - 30 USD per B/L  

  3. Charges at POD


Main office Vladivostok

tel: +7 423 221 51 11

Fax: +7 423 221 55 66